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Phone System Manufacturers


ESI phone system ESI builds products that are easy to install, easy to understand and simple to use.

All ESI products are designed with combined proprietary hardware and software platforms. ESI proudly designs and engineers its systems’ hardware and software in the United States. Software is created and maintained by senior-level ESI engineers and developers.

ESI Communications Servers are all-in-one business communications systems that deliver advanced operating performance through seamless feature integration. They’re the “smartest” phones on the market, much less in their respective price ranges.

Phone system models: ESI-1000  • ESI-600  • ESI-200  • ESI-100  • ESI-50  • ESI-50L


phone system NEC thousands of enterprises across North America, including Fortune 1000 companies and major vertical industries such as healthcare, education, and hospitality, trust NEC Unified Solutions to deliver unparalleled excellence and customized solutions for their unique networking and communications needs.

Phone system models: Aspire  • i-series  • UX-5000


phone system Vertical Vertical Communications is focused on suppling cost effective phone systems to small-to-medium businesses. Vertical also has a speciality of providing national retailers with networked VoIP phone systems. Some of thier higher profile acounts include Advanced Autoparts, CVS and Apria Healthcare.

Vertical phone system models: SBX IP 320  • Wave IP 500  • Wave IP 2500  • Xcelerator IP


Vodavi phone system Vodavi was founded in 1983 with the early vision of converging voice, data and video in our business communications. Throughout the years, Vodavi focused on making that vision a reality by bringing the best of these technologies practically and affordably to small and medium-sized businesses.

Vodavi was aquired by Vertical Communications on December 1st 2006

Vodavi phone system models: DVXplus  • MACH I  • Starplus STSe  • Telenium  • Triad  • XTS

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